How to prevent from sins?

It’s very important for every Muslim to avoid and prevent sins and sources which lead him to sins.

Here we will discuss useful ways to prevent ourselves from sins

  1. Leave events and companies of friends and closer ones who are actually responsible or motivated, to inspire you to do sins.
  2. Stop listening to or seeing vulgar audio and videos which motivate you to sin.
  3. Be Accompanied by noble and practicing Muslims. Honestly, you need to spend most of your free time with them and learn from them how they prevent themselves from sin.
  4. Do a charity (According to your affordance) with the intention that Allah will make this transformational journey easy for me as a reward.
  5. Make istighfar (Ask forgiveness with full intention in pure words) Definitely, Allah Will Forgive you Inshallah.
  6. Join Quran And Islamic Classes, Learn and be close to Allah And his teachings. So, you become a good practicing Muslim and identify what’s better for you before involving in bad habits and sin.

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