Purification is the removal of (spiritual) impurities and cleansing of the body, garments, and praying place of filth. Spiritual impurity is a state in which a person cannot perform prayer (Salah). There are two types of impurities.

States of impurity

  1. Major State of Impurity Hadath Akbar

caused by sexual intercourse, the ejaculation of semen, a state of menses, or postpartum bleeding (Requires a full shower[Ghusl] before praying)

2. Minor State of Impurity Hadath Asghar

caused by defecating, urinating, passing wind, etc. (Requires a full ablution [Wudu’] before praying )

Abu Hurairah narrated that: The Prophet said: Indeed Allah does not accept the prayer of one of you when he commits Hadath (defecate, urinate or passes wind) until he performs Wudu’.” (Al-Bukhari & Muslim)

Muslims are very cautious about cleansing their bodies physically from any sort of impurities. Similarly, Muslims should show greater concern in purifying and cleansing themselves from the spiritual filth of sins, innovations, and polytheism (associating partners with Allah ) by repenting sincerely to Allah.

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