Responding to the call of Nature Etiquette

  1. Say Bismillah and “Allahumma Ini awodho bika minal khubthi wal-khaba’eth” before entering the washroom
  2. Enter with your left foot
  3. Don’t hold your private part or wash it with your right hand
  4. Better to sit when urinating if drizzles of urine are going to get back on you or you clothes
  5. Wipe at least three times for cleaning; you may use paper, pebbles or water (water is better but using paper and water is even better)
  6. Never use bones or dung for cleansing
  7. Not to talk, remember Allah or even respond to the greeting (salam) whilst defecating or urinating
  8. Leave the bathroom with your right foot
  9. Say “Ghoofranak” (Forgive me)

If it were in the outdoors, additionally consider the following etiquette:

  1. Not to face or give your back to the Qiblah (the Ka’bah direction)
  2. Not to be seen by people
  3. Not to defecate or urinate in the way or shaded places where people sit or in the water ponds

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