Story of Dajjal in the past by Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

Once Prophet(s.a.w) ascended the Minbar, laughed, and said:

“Verily, Tamim Ad-Dari narrated a story to me, and it made me happy, so I wanted to narrate it to you[what he narrated to me]. Some people among the inhabitants of Palestine traveled by boat in the sea, taking them here and there, until it cast them on an island among the islands at sea. There they found a beast, clothed with its hair flowing out. They said: ‘What are you?’ It said: ‘I am Al-Jassasah.’ They said: ‘Give us some news.’ It said: ‘I shall not give you any news, nor do I want any of your news. But go to the furthest village, for there is someone who will give you news and seek your news.’ So we went to the furthest village, and there was a man fettered with chains. He said: ‘Inform me about the spring of Zughar.’ We said: ‘ It is full and flowing.’ He said: ‘Inform me about Al-Buhairah.’ We said,’ It is full and flowing.’ He said: ‘Inform me about the date groves of Baysan which is between Jordan and Palestine, do they produce food?’ We said: ‘Yes.’ He said: ‘Inform me about the Prophet, has he been sent?’ We said: ‘Yes.’ He said: ‘Inform me how the people came to him.’ We said: ‘Quickly.’ He leaped up to try and escape.’ We said: ‘What are you?’ He said: ‘I am the Dajjal.'” (The Prophet(s.a.w) said) “He will enter all of the lands except At-Taibah, and At-Taibah is Al-Madinah.”

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