The Condition of Zakah

A person must give Zakat if he meets the following conditions:

  1. Islam: The person must be a Muslim for the Zakat to be accepted.
  2. Freedom: The person must not be a slave. Slaves are exempted from paying Zakat.
  3. Ownership: The person must own the wealth that he is going to give Zakat for.
  4. Nisab: The wealth must reach a specific amount or quantity (This is called Nisab). For instance, the nisab for gold is 85 grams. If someone owns 85 grams or more of gold for one full Hijrah year, he must give 2.5% of all the gold or its monetary equivalent.
  5. Alhawl (one Year – 12 Hijrah months): The wealth, that reaches the nisab, must be possessed for one whole Hijrah year (12 Islamic months). But if the wealth is spent before completing the whole year and becomes less than the nisab, then there is no Zakat on it. This condition doesn’t apply to crops, mined minerals, and discovered ancient treasures.

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