The Invalidators of Prayer (Salah)

The five prayers hold a significant role in the Muslim’s life. it is the human’s most firm bond with their Creator. That is why when we stand in prayer we should realize that we are standing before the King of all kings, the Exalted.

Allah said: (What is [the matter] with you that you do not attribute to Allah [due] grandeur) (The Noble Qur’an 71:13)

This is why it is incumbent during Salah to abstain from the following matters which invalidate one’s prayer.

  1. The invalidators of ablution (wudu’) invalidate the Salah too.
  2. Laughing with a sound (not smiling)
  3. Speaking whilst praying.
  4. Eating or drinking.
  5. Intentionally revealing the awrah (the body parts which must be covered during prayer).
  6. Praying to other than the Qiblah (Ka’bah direction ).
  7. Praying whilst knowing that you have faith in the body or garments.
  8. To intentionally leave a pillar (i.e. Al-Fathiah’s reaction, bowing, prostrating …etc.)
  9. To do too many continuous actions or movements which are not part of the Salah.
  10. To intentionally not pray in the right order.

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