The Prayer Times

Every prayer has a beginning and ending time in which it can be performed in between. The following shows the time span of every prayer:

  1. Fajr Prayer (Dawn) -from the 2nd dawn until sunrise.
  2. Dhuhar Prayer (Noon) -from the sun passing the meridian until an object’s shadow is equal to its length plus its length at the meridian.
  3. Asr Prayer (Afternoon) -from the end of Dhuhar time until the sun begins to turn yellow.
  4. Maghrib Prayer (After sunset)) -from sunset until the disappearance of the twilight.
  5. Isha Prayer (Night) -from the end of the Maghrib prayer until the middle of the night. Abdullah ibn Amr reported: The Messenger of Allah said: The time of the noon prayer is when the sun passes the meridian and a men’s shadow is the same (length) as his height, (and it lasts) as long as the time for the afternoon (Asr) prayer has not come; the time for the afternoon prayer is along as the sun has not become pale: the time of the evening (maghrib) prayer is along as the twilight has not ended; the time of the night prayer is up to the middle of the average night and the time of the morning prayer is from the appearance of down, as long as the sun has not risen; but when the sun rises, refrain from prayer for it rises between the horns of the devil.) (Muslim)

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