The woman who has Istihadah is called Mustahadah, and she has three cases:

  1. If the woman knows her period time, she should stop the prayer (Salah) during that time; and after the period finishes, she takes a shower and prays. And during the bleeding, she only needs to make wudu’ for every prayer without having to take a shower.
  2. If the woman does not know her period time, but she can distinguish between the menstrual blood (black, thick, and odor) and the other blood (red and without odor), then she stops the prayer during the menstrual blood. Once the menstrual blood stops, she takes a shower and prays. In the time of the other blood, she makes wudu’ for every prayer.
  3. If the woman does not have a specific period of time and she cannot distinguish between the two types of blood, then she refrains from praying for the women’s regular period, which is six or seven days; after that, she takes a shower and prays.

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