Visiting the Sick Etiquette

What is the Reward of Visiting the Sick?

Ali ibn Abi Talib reported: I heard the Messenger of Allah saying: “When a Muslim visits a sick Muslim at morning, seventy thousand angels keep on praying for him till dusk. If he visits him in the evening, seventy thousand angels keep on praying for him till the morning; and he will have (his share of) reaped fruits in paradise – Jannah.” (At-Tirmidhi, declared sound by Al-Albani).

What to say when visiting the sick person?

Ibn Abbas reported: The Prophet visited a bedouin who was sick. Whenever he visited an ailing person, he would say, “La ba’sa, tahurun in sha’ Allah” (No harm, (it will be a) purification (from sins), If Allah wills]. (Al-Bukhari)

Some supplication that you may say for the sick person.

Aishah reported: When the Prophet visited any ailing member of his family, he would touch the sick person with his right hand and would supplicate: “Allahumma Rabban-nas, adhibil-ba’s, washfi, Antash-shafi, la shifa’a illa shifa’uk, shifa’n la yughadiru saqama” (O Allah! the Rubb of mankind! Remove this disease and cure (him or her)! You are the Great Curer. There is no cure but through You, a cure which leaves behind no disease].” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri reported: Jibreel (Gabriel) came to the Prophet and said: “O Muhammad! Do you feel sick?” He said: “Yes.” Jibreel supplicated thus (i.e., he performed Ruqyah): “Bismil-lahi arqik, min kulli shay’in yu’dhik, min sharri kulli nafsin aw ‘ayni hasidin, Allahu yashfik, Bismil-lahi arqik. (With the Name of Allah. I recite over you (to cleanse you) from all that is harming you, and from the evil of every soul, evil eye or an envier. Allah will cure you; and with the Name of Allah, I recite over you).” (Muslim).

Gently help a dying person say “La ilaha illal-lah”

Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri reported: The Messenger of Allah said: “Exhort your dying men to recite: ‘La ilaha illal-lah’ (There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah).” (Muslim)

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