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What Our Students Say?

Very good teacher and helps a lot to learn.
ibrahim quran student at alquranlab
Siyam Ibrahim
Quran Student
Being a student of Noman has been a blessing. He’s extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and such a great teacher. I Highly recommended him to anyone interested in learning about the Islam religion. Alhamdulillah
Shanay knight New Muslim student at alquranlab
Shanay Knight
New Muslim Student
Very good and professional.
Abubakar Quran student at alquranlab
Abu Bokkor Talukder
New Muslim Student


  1. Open your selected course page.
  2. Fill out the enrollment form in it.
  3. The teacher will give you the meeting link and trial class at your preferred time. inshallah


Schedule / WeekClasses per MonthFee USD / Convert In Your Local Currency
2 Classes /Week08 /Month$35 / Month
3 Classes /Week12 / Month$40 / Month
4 Classes /Week16 / Month$45 / Month
5 Classes /Week20 / Month

$50 / Month

Methods: After trial classes, the teacher will provide you with details. We are accepting these payment methods. 

AL Quran Lab Payment Methods Quran fee online

Yes, Female Teacher Is Available For Sisters And Kids Classes.

Yes, the teacher is happy to help and teach you at your convenience.