About Al Quran Lab

Registered In Pakistan (FBR)

  • Education For All

    We welcome students of all ages, beliefs, genders, races, and time zones Who are interested in learning the Quran. it's an equal opportunity for every Muslim to join and learn. 

  • Non-Patisan

    We don't belong to any social, political, holy, civil, military group, or sect. We don't have any interest in these. Educational content, videos, apps, books, and articles do follow International Standard.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to teach Quran & Islam to as many Muslims as we can all around the world.

  • Our Work

    The team of Al Quran Lab works days &nights for the spread of Quran teachings. Researching on Quranic methodologies, ideologies, implementation, and its defense. It's Our Dignity To Serve Muslims Of All Over The World.

  • Courses

    15 courses are offered to Muslims around the world.Quran For Kids (Nurani Qaida Quran Reading (Nazra) Quran With Tajweed Course Quran Translation (Tarjuma) Memorizing the Quran (Hifz) Quran Tafseer (Annotation) Islamic Faiths (Aqeedah) Practical Islam Course New Muslim Course Arabic Language Course Life Of Muhammad (Seerat E Mustafa) House Members Of Muhammad (Ahl Al Bayt) Course Islamic Studies Course Islam And Comparative Study Of religions Islamic Scholar Course (Dars E Nizami)

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