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Privacy Policies & Terms Conditions

Everyone has agreed to these privacy policies, terms, and conditions. AL Quran Lab has the complete right to change its policies anytime without any prior notice. Changes will display on this page.

  1. AL Quran Lab never sells or shares your data with anyone.
  2. AL Quran Lab doesn’t belong to any social, political, holy, civil, military, activist group, or sect. We don’t have any interest in these.
  3. AL Quran Lab is not responsible for others money. It accepts only fees from students. The amount above the fee is a tip or appreciation.
  4. AL Quran Lab will fully cooperate with national security departments (when needed) to ensure the safety of our nation and prove our patriotism.
  5. Official links are on the website. Beware of scammers and spammers. Everything from public members is not from the AL Quran Lab. We are not responsible for that.
  6. Discounts are subject to teachers decisions. Payment amounts are non-refundable. Pay wisely.
  7. We can make mistakes (as human beings) in education and content. Do your own research.
  8. Is there any suspicious activity? Contact us immediately.