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Islamic Studies Course

Classes from Aalim (Scholar) and Alimah. Learn Islamic advance courses at one place online.

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    • Islamic history, Quran and Hadith (Sunnah), laws, social, political, cultural and economic systems.
    • Advance Arabic, Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and research.
    • Islamic Dawah, Challenges And Methods.


Each Muslim Male & Female adult or kid of any country, age, and level can start anytime. Full private environment for females and families.

Schedule & How?

Each class will last 30 minutes. 5 classes/week. You can create your own schedule and plans. two-day trial classes, and then you pay a monthly fee. One-to-one classes on Zoom or Google Meet. Google Meet Al Quran Lab  AL Quran Lab - Zoom 1. Our teacher will guide you and give you a trial class after you fill out the enrollment form Below.

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Payment Methods

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