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Muslim Women

You will learn Muslim girl’s private and public life, clothing, rights, rulings, names, life style, prayer and manners from family members of prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

Muslim Women AL Quran Lab Course You will Muslim girl private and public life clothing rights rulings names life style prayer and manners from family members of prophet Muhammad pbuh


    • It’s the best course for Muslim daughters, house wives and family members.
    • Study house lives of Prophets Muhammad’s house members (Ahl Al Bayt). Including their seerah, teachings and lessons from their lives.


Each Muslim Male & Female adult or kid of any country, age, and level can start anytime. Full private environment for females and families.

Schedule & How?

Each class will last 30 minutes. 5 classes/week. You can create your own schedule and plans. two-day trial classes, and then you pay a monthly fee. One-to-one classes on Zoom or Google Meet. Google Meet Al Quran Lab  AL Quran Lab - Zoom 1. Our teacher will guide you and give you a trial class after you fill out the enrollment form Below.

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Payment Methods

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